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During 2010-11 Munjal Auto has established a most advance high Tech Tool manufacturing facility at Bawal (Haryana) National capital region spread over 1600 Sqmtr area. The tooling center is well equipped with state of the art design and manufacturing systems including high-end CAD/CAM/CAE systems large sized CNC machining centers, Portable co-ordinate measuring machines with Die spotting presses to manufacture & Maintain Mid to large sized tooling,Jigs,Fixtures, Gauges & Panel Checkers etc.

For maintenance of tooling’s, jigs, fixture all plants have In-house Maintenance Tool Rooms.

Munjal Auto has capacity to manufacture tooling’s of fuel tanks, Exhaust Systems, Roll, Wheel Rims, BIW & structure parts of Automobiles. The list of machines/equipment is as follows.

Machine  Specifications   Make Nos
Double column VMC3200(X)*2500(Y)*700(Z)*800(W)Mitsubishi (MVR 25)1
EDM Wire cut600(X)*400(Y)*310(Z)*+-75(U&V)Mitsubishi (BA 24)1
Die-Spotting3000*2000(Table size)*1700(Z)*100TSanki(DPM 3020-100)1
Cylindrical Grinder260(Swing)*800(Admit)HMT(K130)1
Surface Grinder1650(X)*660(Y)Proth(PSGC60150 AHR)1
Surface Grinder700(X)*340(Y)Proth(PSGS3060 AH)1
Surface Grinder450(X)*150(Y)Praga (451 P)2
Knee type Milling820(X)*380(Y)*360(Z)*127(Quill Travel)ISO40Argo(5VHL)2
Vertical Milling1200(X)*700(Y)*600(Z)Batliboi(BMV 75)1
Universal Milling1200(X)*400(Y)*400(Z)*ISO 50*100

(Quill  Travel)

Batliboi(BFCU 15)1
Centre Lathe640(Swing)*1500(Admit between centers)HMT(NH 32)1
Centre Lathe575(Swing)*3000(Admit between centers)HMT(NH 26)1
Bench Lathe330(Swing)*165(Cross)*670(admit)Geede Weiler(LZ 280)1
Radial DrillingDia 60*1800(R max)*MT 5Batliboi(BR 618)2
EDM Drill300(X)*200(Y)Mitsubishi (ED 200M)1
Trial Press315T*300(stroke)*1800*1200(Bed)Kaushico(KCL-2-315)1
Band Saw260*260(Square)ITL(260DCTV)1
Welding M/c150 AmpsL&T(TP 1500)1
Portable CMM10 Feet*7 Axis* Blue ToothFaro Arm (Platinum)



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